my photos from the rally to restore sanity


Grizzly cubs relate fearsome escape from rabid Alaskan mama bear...




“I believe in a world of endless possibilities.”

“Ich habe angst.”







“I had sh** to do, but I came anyway.”

“No death panels in Canada, but sometimes we wait a bit for an X-ray.”

“What do we want? Patience! When do we want it! Now!’

“Am I a liberal elitist? Or am I just educated?”










“This is my sign…”

“I clutch my purse when I see Juan Williams coming.”

“If corporations are people, can I marry one?”

“ I am smart, successful and single! Let’s change this world together!”

“Have your Republican spayed or neutered”

“I brought sandwiches”

“Fox told me I am a terrorist”

“Psychologist for sanity”

“Giants Fans Say Restore Sanity–After The World Series”

“I have nude pictures of Hitler”

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